Has it been that long already?

It seems the fiance and I passed an important milestone yesterday and both of us forgot all about it.  We’ve been dating a whole year.

This is a pretty important milestone.  After the first year, things seem more a part of your life, as though that’s the way things have always been.  We can’t look at each other now and say with wonder–just think!  A year ago we didn’t know if we’d ever find someone.  A year ago now we did–we already had each other.  And so the permanence of us has set in, and I struggle now to remember what life was like before I was in this with him.  I know there was a lot of pain and loneliness, but it’s harder to remember.

Which is all very romantic, and lovely to think of.  In fact, it deserves some sort of celebration.  Except we both completely forgot.  I’m a bit surprised at myself, frankly.  I love a little ceremony in life, and this really is the only time we’ll celebrate our dating anniversary.  I know some couples continue to celebrate that, but it seems a bit superfluous when our wedding anniversary will be only two weeks later.

I suppose that’s the reason–we actually don’t have much time to celebrate now.  He’s just got back from a trip to China, and in less than a week my family arrives, and in less than two (11 days in fact, according to my countdown widget), we’re going to be married.  I don’t have time for dating anniversaries.  I’m placing rush orders on place cards and debating chair covers.

When we were apart for so long, it seemed like every moment together was something special to be treasured and celebrated.  Now we don’t have to say goodbye to each other for any time in the foreseeable future, so I’m sitting on the couch at my computer and he at the table on his.  We have the luxury of taking each other for granted a little bit because at last, we have an embarrassing richness of moments together.

Ok, maybe that’s a reach, saying I don’t have to celebrate.  I might be trying to find some excuses for forgetting my anniversary.


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