New Year’s Resolutions

Must do, every year.  This is the first year I’m publishing them.  Without further ado…

  • Find work – This will be good for all those pretty extras me and MR want for our new house.
  • Do not get obsessed with Minecraft.  It may be too late for this one.  But I’m not going down without a fight.  Although there might be some lapis lazuli by this lava…
  • Read 12 Books – I was successful in this last year, and it felt good to do some reading, both reading new stuff and revisiting old favorites.  Before that I read shockingly little for an English teacher.  I used to think I was bringing my work home, but every time I would pick up a book I’d remember that nothing spoils their awesomeness.
  • FINISH MY NOVEL. – Enough of these vague promises to ‘write more’ and ‘write every day.’  This year, my 34th, I’m finishing a novel.
  • Continue to be a good housekeeper – When I was single I developed a shocking ability to overlook dirt.  That is not happening anymore.  MR and I do a pretty good job of keeping our apartment tidy, and I intend for that to extend to the house.  I’m not living like a kid anymore.
  • Make my husband live up to his resolutions – he had some good ones, like travel more and go out more, which directly benefit me as well.  So even though he swears he wrote those because he didn’t want a resolution list one item long which consisted of getting rid of iTunes, I still think they’d be good for the both of us.
  • Be happy with my current situation.  Life is pretty awesome, but I forget that because it’s quiet now, after the hullabaloo of the wedding.  Now people around me have exciting stuff, some which I’ve already done, some which I’m longing to do, and I feel like I’m “On the shelf” as Louisa May Alcott described Meg after she got married.  But things are really good even how they are, and I shouldn’t forget that.

When I grow up…

So theoretically this blog is supposed to be about marriage and relationships, but it’s starting to evolve.  At the moment, MR and I are going through a pacific phase where everything is very nice, but not particularly interesting.  So now that that first flush of fascination with my relationship is over, I find myself thinking about other things.  Like my career choices.

A friend read my last post and said that it was nice, but she didn’t really agree with it. If you’re too lazy to click on the link, a brief recap: I don’t finish a lot of things, but I finished some crafts for Christmas presents, which made me think about launching an Etsy career.  But then my husband reminded me about my writing and I found a new dedication to it, and a determination to finish a freaking work of literature intended for publication. Continue reading