An unexpected journey

When I  started this blog a year and a half ago, I conceived it as a witty look at a geek relationship, which really reads that I was indulging in a moment of narcissism where I believed the world would care about my newfound relationship.  Look, he’s British!  Look, we’re geeky together!  I don’t know how bad a thing that is, or if it’s even a bad thing–isn’t a lot of writing, great and otherwise, born of egotism?  Besides, it liberated me to do something that I had never wanted to do before in my writing–I wanted to write about myself.  I had kept journals, of course, and had a daily email correspondence with a close friend, but I never wanted to write anything about myself that was meant for an audience of strangers to read.

There was also a more altruistic part of me that wanted to send the message to every lonely person out there–seriously, if I can find love, so can you.  I spent nearly a decade being single.  And I don’t mean just not in a serious relationship.  I mean not in a relationship of any kind, with only a handful of dates to my name.  The closest I got was an acerbic Swede (with a British accent), who just tried way too hard with the romance.  It got to the point where I was terrified that should I ever meet a man, he would find out how long I was single and immediately reject me as damaged goods.  But against all odds, and half a world away, I found a guy who not only accepted what I had been through, but who understood it from the inside himself.  Having found this, I wanted to share the message with the world.  People kept telling me not to give up hope, that the right guy was out there, and I was shocked to find that all this trite advice was right.

But the sheen wears off, and, more importantly, things changed shape.  We got engaged and were planning a transatlantic wedding.  Then we were planning immigration, and that was much more stressful.  Then I was moving across the Atlantic for love’s sake, which was a terrifyingly romantic step.  And now, we’re starting a family.

So what started out as your single girl Carrie Bradshaw type blog became something else–a  chronicle of what’s been the biggest adventure of my life so far.  If you’ve stumbled across this little corner of the internets, possibly lost in your search for cats, thanks for coming along for the ride for a little while.  Also, the cats are this way.


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