The story I never expected

There seems to be a movement on the internet (based on one blog that I read) where people voluntarily stay single for so many days in order to discover things about themselves.  A noble sacrifice, but one I never had to make, because I was involuntarily single for a very, very long time.  And I don’t mean dating but never landing a relationship, like the girls in Sex and the City.  I mean totally, wholly celibate.  I will say this, though–I did learn a lot about myself in those years.

When I was single, people always tried to encourage me with the old gem of “The right guy is out there for you.”  This is not a particularly helpful statement, although it is always well intentioned.  In my more bitter moments, my retort would be “But how am I going to find him?  What if he’s halfway across the world?”  As it happened, he was.

My best friend is British, and she happened to work with a guy who was sweet, sarcastic, smart, slightly short, and single.  She put us in touch with each other, and magically, everything fell into place.  We devoted ourselves to emailing, texting, Skyping.  My visit to England last August only cemented what we already knew–this was it.

I thought I was crazy when I started daydreaming about marriage and kids.  When I wanted to say “I love you” after three weeks.  Wasn’t that the kind of craziness guys talk about with the awe of terror?  But it turns out, when you’re in the same place, those things aren’t scary at all.  We were in the same place–he proposed at Christmas, on Boxing Day.

The trick of it is, he’s British, and I’m American.  He’s from small town Warwickshire; I’m from big, bustling NYC.  And on top of immigration law stickiness, we have two cultures which are at the same time extremely similar and incredibly different.

So that’s what this blog is–an exploration of life together with two different cultures, and the changes that come with living in a new country.  Love NY though I do, the only way we could be together any time soon was for me to move to the UK.  So here I am, sitting on my fiance’s couch in Birmingham which is now my couch too, I suppose, less than two weeks before our wedding, at the beginning of the biggest and most romantic adventure of my life so far.  But the best roads are never smooth and straight–that’s boring.

3 thoughts on “The story I never expected

  1. I’m not a blogger.. I’m quite enjoying yours… Finding myself in a very similar situations… End result.. The craziest and best thing that’s ever happened. I wouldn’t change any of it, nor him for the world.

  2. Bit late replying to this, but thanks! In starting this blog I hoped to share my experiences; it’s even nicer to know they resonate with people. And I agree–although it’s still hard sometimes being an expat, I wouldn’t do a single thing differently.

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